Tensions between China and America are accelerating. Timeline

Conflict appears inevitable and that means a bumpy road for the whole world. Since we do not teach anything about China in America, let’s learn about China and take a look at recent events that brought us here.

The first and absolute most important thing Americans need to know about China is that the Chinese people are wondeful not an enemy. It’s the CCP that we need to be concerned about.

CCP = Chinese Communist Party

The South China Sea is a big areas of focus for both countries.


In his book, Edward Bernays says that “If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway.” Expanding on that,

If you can influence someone, you have power. If you can influence a person with influence, your influence grows even greater. If you can create influencers, that gives you ultimate power.

This is the real reason why Tik Tok is a problem in the US. If China gets to decide who are the influencers. And if you consider Tik Toks’ core use case, it’s doing what other people do. Not paticularly creative when you think about it. The US will never ban Tik Tok and so far has done a great job of creating a negative perception of the app, decimating its usage.

Calls to ban Tik Tok are #ballyhoo

— 🗽 (@freedomtorch29) October 4, 2020

Tik Tok has strong ties to the CCP. Here is what their founder had to say.

The fundamental principle of strengthening consciousness is to follow the ideology, political thinking and deeds of the CCP Central Committee, with Xi as general secretary… Further deepen cooperation with authoritative media, improve distribution of authoritative media content, and ensure the effective dissemination of authoritative voices.

Tik Tok is a vehicle for social connforismsim. It’s an app where uniqueness is punished. Tik Tok users are extremely predictable. Fall in line or miss out on views. It takes minimum viable creativity to be a super star.

A fitting analogy for the CCP indeed.

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